Nimbus, the story centric newsroom software

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What is Nimbus?

Nimbus is a unique newsroom software that enables journalists to produce, edit and write rich news content for several platforms simultaneously: anywhere, on any device. Users can create a news story for radio, tv, or the internet, using the smart workflow engine provided by Nimbus newsroom computer system. Access and edit all your audio, video and photos with the same intuitive and easy-to-use interface. Don’t worry about technical hassles; the news story is the center of everything with Nimbus.

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What can Nimbus do for you?

News production

Nimbus provides a complete set of tools to create and edit your news stories

Multiplatform distribution

Easy distribution of your stories to multiple channels and platforms

Orchestrated workflows

Clear paths for editorial and content production

Benefits of trusting your news stories to Nimbus

Nimbus Newsroom software provides an intuitive interface. It provides a complete set of easy-to-use tools for journalists to create news stories without worrying about technical hassles. There is no need for technical skills or requirements.

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Created by journalists for journalists. This newsroom computer system enables journalists to create news stories for TV, Radio and Social Media with all the necessary tools.


Spread the word! With Nimbus, you will be able to distribute your news stories to several platforms, channels and social media with just a few clicks.


News production

Create and edit

With Nimbus, journalists and editors have everything they need to create and edit their news stories for TV, Radio, or social media in just one platform. Edit items, write texts, and adjust Teleprompter's script. If there is part of a news production workflow, it can be done at Nimbus.

Access to all the resources

There is no news without access to multiple resources. Link and create images, interviews, quotes, and text from various sources for each main story. Enrich your stories with this newsroom computer system.

All in the same interface

The journalist can write a story for radio, tv or internet using the intelligent workflow engine Nimbus provides. Audio, video, and photos can be accessed and edited from the same user interface. A preview of how a news story on the internet looks can be shown.

Multiplatform distribution

Be the first

There is no industry where immediacy is more important than journalism. Be the first to distribute your news story on different channels. With Nimbus, you can upload, save and edit data, documents, and images and publish it quickly to various media. With Nimbus Newsroom, multichannel storytelling is only one click away.

Social media integration

Nimbus newsroom software integrates with the leading social media platform for content distribution. Do you want to post a message to get more attention for your story? You do it with Nimbus while working on your bigger story.

Measure your impact

With Nimbus analytics capabilities, you will get a clear overview of how well your social message has been read. Reach your audience via Nimbus using Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat and make your news stories shine.

Orchestrated workflows

Shared calendars

All items from online articles, social posts, RTV items, and studio conversations are linked to a calendar item in Nimbus newsroom software. You will be able to work efficiently, faster and intelligently.

Web application

Do you have an internet connection? You have access to Nimbus. Get started from whatever device, wherever you are, and at any time. Log in securely with the two-factor authentication in this web-based newsroom system and begin creating news stories your way.

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