Mediaproxy, the most trusted TV logging platform

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What’s Mediaproxy?

Mediaproxy is the most trusted monitoring platform and tv logging. Unify your monitoring, legal compliance and analysis process in a fast, future-proof, reliable and competitive platform. This software IP-Based solution adapts its tools and functionalities to the needs of each client. Discover why the main broadcast organizations worldwide rely on Mediaproxy for its monitoring and tv logging.

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What can Mediaproxy do for you?


From live broadcast sources to OTT streams, with Mediaproxy you can monitor all your content from standard PCs and mobile devices.

Legal compliance

Your platform for Broadcast compliance with legal needs.


An ally for content distribution

Benefits of trusting Mediaproxy

Mediaproxy enables integration with any broadcast environment of the market at a competitive price. Thanks to its flexibility and simplified application software license, the user can customize its solution and adapt it to their needs, saving costs and reducing investment on unnecessary features.

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Mediaproxy integrates seamlessly with any third-party systems and cloud environments like AWS and Azure. It provides a versatile and flexible tv logging that will adapt immediately to your current workflow and needs.

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The fast-paced broadcast environment and the rush of nowadays technology updates push users to rely on systems that adapt easily to these changes. Say goodbye to hardware-based solutions and welcome Mediaproxy software-based IP solution. It provides a transparent and clear upgrade path adapted to the customer's needs.

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Discover Mediaproxy and find out why industry leaders like ComCast, Disney, Warner or Mediapro trust on it for its TV logging and monitoring processes

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Monitor all your content

Everything on your multiviewer

Mediaproxy provides a multi-panel live streaming application for monitoring live streams from broadcast and OTT sources. Configured your panels and adapt your proxy display and native MPEG channels. Is the perfect ally for master control room applications, presentation areas, engineering offices, foyers and executives.

Hybrid layouts

Adapt your layouts to your needs. Mediaproxy adapts to almost any format of the broadcast market. You can mix the monitoring of various video, audio and meta data formats on one display including SMPTE 2022-6.

Real time information

Avoid any on-air incidents using Mediaproxy. Thanks to its advanced detection, monitoring and reconciliation of SCTE-35/104 cue triggers and ad insertion messages, users can resolve on-air incidents effectively and quickly.

Legal compliance

Works with all formats

Don’t worry about the formats, resolutions and sources. Mediaproxy provides seamless multi-­channel recording, review and live monitoring of video, audio and real-­time data sources from 4K/HD/SD IP, SDI, SMPTE2022-6, HLS, RTMP, MPEG-DASH and many more.

Always an eye in your content

Mediaproxy's intuitive user interface provides desktop and mobile version with seamless access to media via intuitive play controls as well as extensive meta data search, clip export and transcode to a wide range of formats. All across multiple distributed systems on any local or wide area network. Keep an eye on your content from anywhere at anytime.

Accurate Caption Compliance

Closed caption and subtitle compliance are growing worldwide. With authorities enforcing deviations through heavy penalties, having a reliable platform for verification and reporting has never been more important. Mediaproxy provides support for all current standards, including comprehensive decoding, reconstitution and extraction of CEA-608/708, Teletext, DVB Subtitle and SCTE-27.

Trusted by the best

Engage with the leading platform for compliance tv logging. Find out why hundreds of broadcasters globally including Discovery, FOX, Disney, CBS, Sony and many more.


Real time analysis

Mediaproxy provides a comprehensive suite of software-based analysis applications to help you attend to on-air issues quickly and resolve them efficiently. Employing the latest user interface technologies, complex analysis tasks are made easy and seamless, including your mobile devices.


Check and control your rating data at a glance. Mediaproxy enables seamless custom integration of external viewer rating data. Users can compare and analyze ratings data against contents on multiple channels concurrently via a single intuitive user interface.

Content matching

Mediaproxy's versatile platform includes built-in video and audio fingerprinting technologies. Perform either advanced competitive advertisement tracking analysis or reconcile audio royalties, LogServer provides a flexible built-in solution for all your content matching requirements.

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